Ubiquiti Project – 2022 -23

ubiquitiSola Salon – Ubiquiti Door Access Control Upgrade (May 2023)

We upgraded the door access control system at an office suite in Grand Rapids. The old door access control system was old, unreliable and failing.

We removed the existing controller and added two Ubiquiti UA-Hub’s and two UA-Lite’s (for ingress).  The install involved custom UA-Hub enclosures installed in the existing business LAN room. 

We interfaced with the existing door egress motion sensor and maglock.  The nice thing about the UA-Hub is that it is very flexible for adding wiring or controls for access control.

The project was completed on-time and included custom metal box covers to accommodate the UA-Lite’s at the entrance and the exit doors.  We used flexible stick-on NFC tags for the client’s phones.  We did not convert the system to UID. Instead, it is using Unifi-Access. 


ubiquitiUDMProLuxury Home Ubiquiti System Design and Install (Summer 2022)

We designed a whole home Ubiquiti system for a luxury home in another country.

Main System

The Ubiquiti based system utilizes a UDM-Pro for the router and leverages a 48 Port PoE and 48 port standard switch to connect the 96 ethernet drops, 20 access points and 5  cameras.

Access Control

Access control for the house is managed with two UA-Hubs. One hub powers and unlocks/locks a horizontal mount solenoid based deadbolt. That lock is for the house’s front door which is actually two doors.  The egress from the front door is controlled by a hand wave configured UA-Lite. The ingress for the door is controlled with a UA-Pro. The front door has a Ubiquiti doorbell camera as well.

The garage door access is controlled with a second UA-Hub that is interfaced to a third party door opener that slides the heavy metal door across the garage opening.  Ingress for the garage utilizes a UA-Pro. Egress for the door is controlled with a UA-Lite.  The UA-Lite includes a custom 3D printed shroud to prevent accidental motion since it is using a hand wave action for activation.

There were many customizations involved with this project including: a custom LAN rack mounted enclosure in the LAN room upstairs for the front door UA-Hub, power supply for the front door deadbolt solenoid and associated wiring.

A custom enclosure was constructed for the garage door UA-Hub as well.  We added a secondary door close system (handheld remote)  for ease of use and door closing inside a vehicle.  Custom brackets for door open / closed sensing were built and installed.

The system uses UID.  A custom VPN gateway with some command line edits on the UDMP was provided as well.  The scripting routes all client traffic from a specific wi-fi network through the gateway and over the VPN.

We provided install and startup support and some ongoing support.


The project was completed ontime and to the owner’s satisfaction.  The owner said “You guys are sure good at your job!”.

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Gerritts site photoWebsite Rewrite and Move – Summer 2023

We upgraded a client’s (Gerritts Plumbing)  website design and moved it to a new (faster) server.  The project involved moving their email as well (gsuite).

The site was moved with no issues. The email was updated over the weekend, so the client did not have any business day downtime on the system.

You can checkout their site here: GERRITTS PLUMBING.